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MELUSINA HOMES promotes slow tourism and digital nomadism in Venice, with the aim of providing independent apartments to travelers for a medium and long term.

Slow Turism and Digital Nomadism in Venice

Our Philosophy


promotes slow tourism in the historic center of Venice and in the countyside of Oriveto.


We cater to a growing population of digital nomads who need to find fully equipped accommodation for medium / long-term stays.


Thanks to the modularity of our apartments, we can accommodate from single travelers to larger groups or large families, providing fully equipped accommodation to meet all needs.


Our goal is to slow down the speed of tourist traffic, in order to create a more liveable environment for the city and a virtuous relationship between permanent residents and occasional residents

Live locally - Immerse yourself in our culture by getting in touch with the spirit of the place.
There is a lot ... besides appearances.

Longer Stays - Travel less, but better. Your trip will be more fulfilling and relaxing.

More authentic experience - visiting and working in a city means living it.

Economic convenience - certainly slow tourism is also suitable for your pockets. Longer stays are much cheaper.

Smart working - the trend is to increasingly combine business with pleasure. Traveling and working at the same time is becoming a reality. The growing population of digital nomads is proof of this.

Sustainability - and why not also evaluate its environmental impact? Traveling at a human pace means consuming less. We consume less fuel, we take fewer cars and planes, but we consume the soles of our shoes more.


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