our philosophy

Melusina Homes promotes a slow tourism in Venice, a more permanent experience in the city and more sustainable both for the city and the traveller.

We don't aim to reduce the volume of tourism, but the speed of it. Make it more sustainable for the city and the environment.

We provide self catered apartments equipped with everything you need to live comfortably.  You can settle down and continue your life, but from a different angle...

Meaningful holiday - for sure taking the time to explore and understand the reality around you it makes your holiday  more fulfilling and relaxing. 

Live locally - out of our hosting experience, it is striking to observe how people change their perception of the city during longer term holidays. Venice is a very complex city and you need at least 3-4 days just to adapt to its beauty.

More affordable - longer stays are economically much more affordable for both the traveller and the host. We aim to reduce the number of people staying, but prolong their time spent with us.

Think locally 

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